24 01 2011

>There are a few things you may have noticed going on with the blog. The most obvious one being we changed our name. Smitty’s Nerd Hub was never a permanent name and one I never really cared for. It was a place holder until I got some people I could trust as a team to regularly post content. I never am a big fan of using my own name as a marketing tool so I wanted something that suited our broad spectrum of what we cover and sounded more like a group effort then “it’s Smitty and friends”.

Our next bit of news is we openned a Twitter account. here is the link.


We did this because we have every intention of going out and covering various things. Conventions, big events, etc. that are related to gaming and movies. Movies to a lesser extent because not much happens around the state of MD but be sure if anything of major interest comes up we will do our best to be there. The ones we have planned for sure are Katsucon, Digital Overload, and Otakon. We also plan to be at the Nintendo World Store in New York to cover the midnight launch for the Nintendo 3DS. With the twitter account we can then post instant updates for you until we have the bulk of our content up on the blog.

We also have a new email address that you can use if you have any comments on things we should add to the blog or maybe you want to become one of our regular posters of content. Here is the email.


I will be checking this daily and getting back to anyone that may contact us.

Now while we have large ambitions for this site it’s still in its adolescent stages. All 3 of us (and those that may post in the future) have regular 9-5 jobs and while we post when we can, it won’t be as much as if this was our lively hood. Don’t give up on us if a few hours or maybe a day or 2 goes by where we don’t have much posted. We do our best to post what we can with whatever time we have. I would love for the day where we all could call this our job and be paid for the content we provide but right now we are just a few schmucks trying to provide info and entertainment to what equals just some of our close friends. It will be up to us and you to spread the word on this blog and get more eyes on it. Then we can maybe expand and bring you even more content. The Digital Daily Fix would like to thank you so far for you excellent amount of kindness in keeping up with our blog and liking us on Facebook. We hope to grow into something you check on a daily basis and have the words come out of your mouth “I saw this on The Digital Daily Fix” to your friends as you show them info or videos.

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