>Weekend Box Office January 28th – January 30th

31 01 2011

>Another week, another Box Office Report with a New No. 1 and Oscar films continuing to fill the top 10.

Here we GO!

  1. The Rite: $15 Million *OPENING WEEKEND*
  2. No Strings Attached: $13.6 Million, with $39.7 Million Overall
  3. The Mechanic: $11.5 Million *OPENING WEEKEND*
  4. The Green Hornet: $11.5 Million, with $78.8 Million Overall
  5. The King’s Speech: $11.1 Million, with $72.2 Million Overall
  6. True Grit: $7.6 Million, with $148.3 Million Overall
  7. The Dilemma: $5.4 Million, with $40.6 Million Overall
  8. Black Swan: $5.1 Million, with $90.7 Million Overall
  9. The Fighter: $4 Million, with $78.7 Million Overall
  10. Yogi Bear: $3.1 Million, with $166.7 Million Overall

I was kind of surprised to see The Rite take the top spot but I feel from the negative reviews that it will not have a lot of staying power. King’s Speech still hanging around the Top 5 is such a great thing to see and more then likely is from it’s high amount of Academy Award nominations, as well as awards from the Golden Globes and SAG awards.

The first weekend of February sees The Roommate, and Sanctum as the wide releases. The Roommate is a thriller about a girl whose roommate becomes violently obsessed with her, while Sanctum is James Cameron’s 3D cave diving event that… meh. I’m sure it was released so that he could get another stack of money to count because he is almost done counting Avatar money.

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