>Worn Out Welcomes: Kate Hudson

17 02 2011


In this edition of Worn Out Welcomes we take a look at an actress who started off very strong.  Surely the daughter of Goldie Hawn would be looking to avoid comparisons to her mother and be viewed as a serious actress.  My first exposure to Kate Hudson was in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous in 2000.  She played Penny Lane, the leader of a gaggle of groupies who falls in love with rock singer Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup) while developing a kinship with a high school age music journalist (Patrick Fugit).  Hudson’s Penny is one of fun, love, sadness and loss.  I was hopeful that this young, new talent would keep up the great performances and script selection.  Boy howdy was I wrong.  It was all downhill after that.


·         How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days:  Kate Hudson begins her horrendous streak of romantic comedies with this steaming pile of poop.  Hudson plays a shrill, whiny, needy and unlikeable person who doesn’t have the communication skills of a five year old.  It doesn’t help that she stars opposite Matthew McConaughey.  I promise we’ll get to him at a later date.
·         Raising Helen:  Hudson show incredible range with this one.  She goes from playing a shrill, whiny, needy and unlikeable magazine writer to a party girl!  Raising Helen is a movie of the week; a woman is saddled with custody of her sister’s kids and learns responsibility and love.  Think Uncle Buck without the giant pancakes.
·         You, Me and Dupree:  Hudson pulls a Wes Anderson and runs the Wilson brothers gauntlet (she starred in Alex & Emma with Luke in 2003).  Another generic comedy where characters can never discuss anything that happens because the plot says so.  Matt Dillon looks bored out of his mind here and I believe this movie is what led to Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt.  

·         Fool’s Gold:  Was How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days not enough for you?  Then you’re in luck as powerhouses Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey reunite to bring you all of the jokes that got cut from their first collaboration.  Ugh.
·         My Best Friend’s Girl:  Kate Hudson.  Jason Biggs.  Dane Cook.  Next!

 ·         Bride WarsBride Wars is by far the most offensive film Kate Hudson has made.  Not only does this tepid, vacuous story center on her character not being able to communicate with anyone, she has to drag Anne Hathaway into this!  This is even worse than what Will Ferrell did to John C. Reilly in Step Brothers.  You are a vile woman, Kate Hudson. 

The two biggest burdens on Kate Hudson’s career have been Matthew McConaughey and script selection.  Although she has only costarred in two films with McConaughey it feels like 10.  The first time is forgivable:  mortgage payments, loan sharks, purchasing organs on the black market, etc.  However to willingly go back for seconds just screams ‘I give up!’  Her script selection has been even worse and I don’t know whether to blame her or her manager/agent.  She is slated to appear in three movies between 2011 and 2012.  The first is another romantic comedy where Kate falls in love with her best friend’s fiancée (OH NOES!).  The second and third are biographical films about Margaret Keane and Linda Lovelace.  Does this mean Ms. Hudson is learning from Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron?  One can only hope.
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