Street Fighter X Tekken Gameplay Details

9 06 2011


Details from E3 have emerged as to the play style of Capcom’s next Vs title and for those of you thinking it will play more like a SF IV will be in for something a bit different. SFxTK plays in a way similar to other Capcom Vs titles. Now don’t start thinking you will be juggling enemies and comboing the way you are expecting from said titles. First lets get it out of the way that the game focuses on fast paced combat, quick character recovery, and some charge characters have had their moves simplified to simple quarter circle combinations (though Guile is still charge so far).

Each character has a 4 hit combo that ends with a launcher, sending in your partner to continue the assault. There is still plenty of depth though, with EX moves as well as the match style. The unique part about matches is you are not required to defeat both team members to get the W. KO of just one character on the opposite team wins the round. Due to this the health of each fighter is a lot more then a typical fighter and attacks do less damage, making matches last longer and develop more strategy. When it comes to EX moves you have 3 gauges to fill as opposed to 4 and can be used to tag in your partner after you are knocked to the ground as well as buff certain moves.

When it comes to Ultra attacks they have been changed to the traditional x2 qtr circle forward and 3 kicks/punches familiar from most Vs titles. lastly the E3 build of the game shows 16 character slots with 2 of them currently blank. Capcom won’t confirm if there will be additional slots in later builds, though my bet is there will be with this being as big of a cross up as Tekken and Street Fighter. It’s gonna be a long wait till 2012

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