What you may have missed: King of Fighters XIII edition.

8 12 2011

The King of Fighters XIII I love this game. Love it so much I couldn’t help but notice characters in the background. This game has a bunch of random characters in the background not just from the KOF series but also from Last Blade, Samurai Showdown, Art of Fighting, Metal Slug, Savage Reign, and Fatal Fury series.

Hit the jump to view the GallerySome of the images in the Gallery are from DLC stages that aren’t available in America and can only be seen online matches such as the street, esaka, and the temple. I was somehow fortunate not only to see but to get those images for you crazy kids. Now a rundown of the characters that appear in the stages and I will label them as seen from left to right on the screen of the stage but the images may be a little out of order(ie alphabetical :P). Also take note they usually appear randomly on the stage in the same spots and won’t always be there every round.

Amazon – Cham Cham (SS), Tizoc (MOTW/KOF) Marco Rodriguez/Kushnood Butt[Whatever you want to call him](MOTW)

Big Ben – Wolfgang Krauser(FF/KOF), Axel Hawk(FF), and Lawrence Blood(FF) all in the same spot , Lily Kane(FF/KOF MaxImpact).

China – Lin(KOF) Tung Fu Rue(FF), Li Xiangfei(FF/KOF)

Desert – Wang Koh-San(AOF3, his only game)

Dojo – Eiji [top left of the glass], Sho Hyate(Savage Reign/KOFXI),(AOF/KOF), Kasumi Todoh [bottom left of the glass](AOF/KOF) Marco Rodriguez/Kushnood Butt[Whatever you want to call him](MOTW), Malin(KOF).

Egypt - Fio(MS), Marco(MS), Mars People(MS).

Esaka (DLC Stage only seen on XBOX Live atm in America) – Haohmaru(SS)

India – Chang(KOF), Cheng Sinzan(FF).

Japan – Hinako(KOF), Nakoruru (SS), Ryuhaku Todoh (AOF), Shingo (KOF).

London – B.Jenet(MOTW/KOF), Chris(KOF), Wanted poster for Yamazaki(FF/KOF).

Noah – Heidern(KOF), Rugal(KOF).

Pao Pao Cafe – Bao(KOF), Richard Meyer(FF/KOFMaxImpact).

Paris – Secret Agents team of Vanessa Seth and Ramon(KOF), Shermie(KOF).

Ruins – Charlotte(SS), Kain R. Heinlein(MOTW) vs Shinnosuke Kagami(Last Blade).

South Town – Bear Jack [Neo Black Cats Poster](AOF), Mr. Big(KOF/AOF) and Karman Cole(AOF) in the same spot.

Stadium Roof – Hanzo Hattori (SS)

Street (DLC stage only seen in America on XBOX live matches) – Candy(KOF 2000 as an extra striker), Rocky(KOF 2000 as an extra striker), USA Sports team of Heavy D, Lucky Glauber, and Brian Battler(KOF).

Temple (DLC stage only seen in America on XBOX live matches) – Moriya(Last Blade), Shiki(SS).

USA – This one is weird as they appear after the first round and are moving in the background. Duck King(FF/KOF) in a helicopter, Duck King’s chickens [sorry for no image but they are on the ground wandering around] (FF/KOF), Galford(SS) actually just hiding in the scaffolds, Mr.Big(AOF/KOF) blimp.

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