Digital Daily Fix Update for 2012!

3 01 2012

Good Afternoon everyone!

I would like to take this time to thank any and all of you that have visited our site over the past year since we started this little blog. I know we have not been the most professional or consistent in new content but we do our best with availability to give you something fun and unique to read on the interwebs. 2012 will be year 2 for us with the 1 year anniversary of this site coming up on Thursday.

With that being said we have plans on things to do this year to give you guys more fun things to participate in and watch unfold.

March will see our 2nd Annual March Madness Tournament release. We kicked it off last year with a Heroes vs Villains Tournament that saw Optimus Prime take the crown. Instead of doing the same theme as 2011 we will be doing a new one titled “Dynamic Duos” where 2 person teams from live action and various forms of media will do battle to determine who the ultimate duo is. We will be putting together the participants soon and in March the tournament will begin and will be fueled by your votes!

March 6th will be the 1 Year Anniversary of The Chinlock and we will be sure to plan something special for the                  event.

Speaking of Chinlock (as well as Digital Reload) they will be back next week as we took the last two weekends off for the holidays but rest assured Sunday January 8th and Monday January 9th will be the returns of both weekly shows.

Speaking of shows 2012 should see the Best Picture Blowout return this year. 2011 saw Helmick and I putting together a few podcasts reviewing each film up for the Academy Award’s Best Picture and predicting who would win the statue. The line-up on who will be participating may change but we will have the special this year regardless of who is or is not doing it.

We should also see the debut of a Movie Podcast series being put together by Helmick himself and co-hosts of his choosing. No date on when to expect that or who will also be in on it but expect the bulk of our movie reviews to be on this podcast and this will probably be a bi-weekly to monthly podcast.

We have plenty more in the works and hope to reveal the plans soon. Hope you are as excited as we are and please keep supporting the blog!


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