Digital Daily Fix: One Year Later

5 01 2012

It’s a bit hard to believe that it’s been a year since this site was created. I had an idea that spawned only days before and an ever growing passion to get the ball rolling. What started as a blogger site, a dinky Facebook page, and a logo made in Microsoft Paint has (in my opinion) come a long way. It doesn’t matter whether this thing is making me any money or not (it isn’t), what matters is myself and the other writers/contributors are having fun doing what we do. We now have 2 podcast series, a YouTube series based on comic books, and several other regular articles that pop up from everyone as well as news on a semi consistent basis. Do I wish we had tons of articles everyday and thousands of hits? Of course I do, but that takes time and I am sure we are dedicated to get there. The goal isn’t to become a media empire or an industry leader. It’s to provide a site that you enjoy coming to and like reading and hearing what we have to say.

I honestly think that so far we have accomplished this and now 2012 can focus on necessary things we need to do for that next step. The step that shows we are legitimate in wanting to do this, to entertain and inform. Hopefully a step in getting more people to contribute to the site and provide more content, improve the quality of our podcasts to be comparable to long time podcasts that you see all the time on itunes. Provide more things for YOU that keeps each and everyone of you coming back more often to see what’s next. These steps are not hard, not in a talent or work ethic level. They are mainly things that will require money and research. We will strive to be at our full potential in year two so that we can develop our own community that comments, shares, and discusses the things going on with this blog.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone that regularly contributes or has contributed in the past towards this site. Mr. Chunk/Zell/Boy/Tim has been a big part in making sure we have content on this site even on days when other projects have kept me from posting things here. Helmick is a constant contributor to the film portion of our site providing a wide array of reviews for everything from Oscar contenders to complete piles of garbage providing both great insight and witty banter. While Howard may not have much up on the site in the way of articles he consistently  provides a great service to both weekly podcasts we do for gaming and wrestling. We’ve also had great moments with people like Mat and Brett who provide creative perspectives for our various podcasts and a strong bit of humor. We’ve even had guest writers who have supplied us with needed content that has been well written and informative.

All of this joy I have about reaching a 1 year anniversary would not be possible with out you, the readers. I know we don’t have many to call ourselves media juggernauts but to any and all who visit, whether it be a one time deal or a regular basis we thank you very much. I promise we will do our best to keep you coming back and maybe be lucky enough for you to tell your friends about us. This will be a sophomore year of making things bigger and badder and we hope you enjoy the ride.



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5 01 2012

Obviously all of the top 8 moments have come from King Brett.

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