Nintendo’s Wii U Patent Filings Show Off Interesting Ideas

16 02 2012


While the full official specs of Wii U’s iPad like controller have not been revealed, the patent filings made by Nintendo are now public knowledge giving us an inside look at the potential for the controller. Be advised however that any features that are listed can be and in some cases most likely are on the cutting room floor.

The documents are dated for September 2011 and have official statements made that indicate anything listed on the patent can be cut off before final product is made. One of the first features rattled off is the ability to use the controller’s already confirmed built in mic for voice recognition software that can issue in game and menu commands. This would essentially be Nintendo’s answer to the Kinect by having it’s features built into the actual controller. The hardware may also end up with multiple mics on both the front and back of the controller.

The built in camera on the controller may also support facial recognition to capture and recognize portions of the player’s face that would then be stored in the controller’s memory. The patent also lists the internet browsing capabilities as well as parental controls which Nintendo already made official in the system’s unveiling. There is also description of video chatting on the controller which I believe was shown off in a video package for the Wii U at E3 last year but I don’t believe Nintendo has officially listed it as a feature. This could be something that leaves the Wii U capable of using Skype or Nintendo starting their own video chat service for the system.

The patent does also highlight two peripherals for the controller. One being a gun add one which was seen at E3 and the other an input device that would essentially be a keyboard. Two features listed that are more then likely gone from the controller are 3D technology similar to what is offered on the 3DS and an HD display for the controller. Neither has ever been discussed publicly by Nintendo nor have they been visible in demos of the hardware so unless they are added in late or being kept secret these features are no longer in the device.

You can view the full document here 

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