Dark Kight Rises’ 3rd Trailer Sets The Hype Train To Full Speed

30 04 2012

While The Avengers is only 4 days away and anticipation is high the little 2 minute and 20 second below will be getting you hyped for this Summer’s other big blockbuster. This trailer truly sets the foundation for what will no doubt be an epicconclusion.

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Fantasy Movie League Season 2 Official Draft List

30 04 2012

Below you will find the official list of movies and their rank determined by much debate and calculations. This is the list you can use for your own Movie Leagues or if you will be participating in ours. We also added links that will take you to each film’s page on comingsoon.net to give you an idea of who is starring, the plot, and any pics or trailers they may have.

FML Season 2 Finalizedl Draft Order

Chinlock 04/29/12

29 04 2012

Yeah… we fucked up with the recording.. Sorry… vote on these polls?

Listen Here!

*UPDATE* To clarify, we had audio issues in the first episode recorded tonight (Titled List of Demands) where you could only hear Smitty. We corrected said issues and started again with the episode titles “Smitty Done Gone F*cked Up”. We hope you enjoy and sorry for the issues.

The Digital Daily Fix Fantasy Movie League Season 2

27 04 2012

With the Avengers premiering next Friday here in the US it means we are beginning the summer movie season. This also means season 2 of out Fantasy Movie League will be upcoming along with the extensive stat changes we made to try and balance out fairness and competition.

To see those rule changes click HERE!

This is our big summer event we will hold every year and is very fun to participate in. In the next few days we will have the official draft list posted for people to take a look at and see what is in store for the Summer. We may have something else to announce soon but I don’t want to divulge details until talking to the rest of the crew.

If you have any interest in participating then please email us at digitaldailyfix@gmail.com

or you can leave a comment here. We will get with you on contact information and draft time.

If you want to take this info and create your own league you certainly may do so and we would be more than happy to do the stat tracking for you. Just email the information of team names, what teams have what movies, etc. and we will track it.

This year the Fantasy Movie League Updates will be separate from the Weekend Box Office when being posted on the site.

I apologize for this late announcement but the job that pays the bills has been a little hectic so my opportunity to update has been a bit rough.

Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale is Official

27 04 2012


What started as Project Title Fight, was then registered on the web as the above title and is now officially confirmed by Sony. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale at it’s core is a Smash Bros. clone, there is no way around it. It’s a roster of Sony 1st party characters, as well as 3rd party guest characters (confirmed) battling on a stage of 4 characters at a time till one is left standing. This game will use health bars and super meters as opposed to the percentage knock back and I’m sure will implement other features to make it a little different from the Nintendo franchise.

Sony showed off 6 characters for the game so far in Kratos, Sly Cooper, Sweet Tooth, Colonel Radec, Parappa The Rapper and Fat Princess. The game is expected this Holiday Season and I am sure more will be revealed at E3. Not to mention the obligatory character reveal in the months leading to release. Sony also has a trailer for the game, hit the jump for that!

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Nintendo Makes Big Strides Towards the Digital Age

26 04 2012

Who says we don’t do a little late night updating huh!?

Nintendo has gone from doing very little when it comes to digital software and support of anything past WiiWare to being 100% on board as they announced today some big digital distribution news. First and foremost Nintendo will begin to offer 3DS titles for download same day as retail launch beginning with New Super Mario Bros. 2 in August. Actual retail copies are still provided, as well as stores having the option of selling download codes for the game. This is certainly a big step for Nintendo to try and be more¬†relevant¬†with modern business practices. In addition Nintendo has also announced that the Wii U will offer this for the bulk of their titles starting day 1 of the system’s launch this year. This is a strong bit of marketing for Nintendo and could really help in the momentum department for the Wii U. The convenience of having huge titles like Super Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros. and more possibly available at midnight without leaving your home or waiting for a package. As long as Nintendo has a system in place for storage support, accounts to be able to track what you have purchased, and a strong network for reasonable download speeds it’s a very smart move.

AVX #3 Preview

26 04 2012

Well this can’t be good. And that’s just judging on this cover. With tensions high everywhere one could say the pressure of being the world’s protector is weighing heavy on Captain America and the stress if finally catching up to him. Because you other follow orders or get socked in the mouth. All this and more on future episodes of Crisis in Infinite Comics.

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Iron-Man #516 Preview

26 04 2012

No disassemble Johnny 5. OK that’s neither here nor there but Tony Stark has been handcuffed/limited in what he can do as Iron-Man. But for now its an uphill battle for Tony and friends. And their counter-attack begins here.

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Digital Reload Live 04/23/12

26 04 2012

Episode Title: Ginger Invasion

You would think by now I would get better at getting these up.

This Week’s Episode Includes!

  • Tim!
  • Amazon Selling the Vita Better than Sony Can!
  • The TERA Online Open Beta
  • Diablo III
  • Starhawk

Any more!

Listen now on spreaker.com!

(for the record, every episode we do is on here every monday night live, as well as posted as soon as we finish.

Crisis in Infinite Comics: Nasalatious

25 04 2012


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