The Digital Daily Fix Fantasy Movie League Season 2

27 04 2012

With the Avengers premiering next Friday here in the US it means we are beginning the summer movie season. This also means season 2 of out Fantasy Movie League will be upcoming along with the extensive stat changes we made to try and balance out fairness and competition.

To see those rule changes click HERE!

This is our big summer event we will hold every year and is very fun to participate in. In the next few days we will have the official draft list posted for people to take a look at and see what is in store for the Summer. We may have something else to announce soon but I don’t want to divulge details until talking to the rest of the crew.

If you have any interest in participating then please email us at

or you can leave a comment here. We will get with you on contact information and draft time.

If you want to take this info and create your own league you certainly may do so and we would be more than happy to do the stat tracking for you. Just email the information of team names, what teams have what movies, etc. and we will track it.

This year the Fantasy Movie League Updates will be separate from the Weekend Box Office when being posted on the site.

I apologize for this late announcement but the job that pays the bills has been a little hectic so my opportunity to update has been a bit rough.

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