Invincible Iron-Man #518 Preview

31 05 2012

Dafaq no seriously I have no words for this preview Sasha Hammer the daughter of Justine Hammer gets and who pilots one of the Detroit Steel suits gets kidnapped by a dude repeating the name Detroit Steel. All this and more on the next episode of Crisis in Infinite Comics.

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Amazing Spider-Man #688 Preview

31 05 2012

Nothing like a Spider snack in the morning. Because Marvel has to have a story of the Lizard at this time because there is a movie coming out with the Lizard as the main villain. All this and more in future  episodes of Crisis in Infinite Comics.

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Crisis in Infinite Comics: Disapointment Incorporated

31 05 2012

Timothy comes at you this week with a rather disappointing week in comics that feature Batman Annual, The Ravagers, Wolverine and the X-Men, Wolverine, Incredible Hulk and the Amazing Spider-Man Annual.!/DigitalDailyFix

Marvel Studios: A Look Into the Future

31 05 2012

A few weeks ago I began a two part editorial discussing Marvel Studios and what they might plan out leading up to Avengers 2 (check it out here). We all know Thanos is teased to be the main villain but will they wait that long to even show him a second time, or would they use any of the solo films to display the kind of power Thanos has so the movie audience knows he is someone that the Avengers NEED to team up in order to face and stand a change of defeating? My suspicions led to Thanos maybe seeing some time in Thor 2, but Kevin Feige kind of swatted that idea down in a recent interview (along with any chances of Mark Ruffalo being in Iron Man 3) though you never know.

This 2nd and last article is completely hypothetical and more of a “what would I do with the Avengers Franchise?” kind of thing. I wanna dive past Avengers 2, talk Avengers 3 (because most if not all of the main actors are signed through that) and lead into something that Marvel has said could happen, and if done right could be a HUGE deal for comic films even more so than this Summer’s team up!

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This is Dawnguard, Skyrim’s First Major Expansion

31 05 2012


Those of you clamoring for new Skyrim content won’t have much longer to wait as Dawnguard will be hitting this Summer on XBOX 360. For those of you playing the game on any other console you will just have to wait as this is a timed exclusive for the console. The content looks to revolve around demons and vampires with the choice of sides and varied quests based on your decisions. It all looks really cool and actually has me interested in getting back into the game to prep for the expansion.

NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros Bring You Injustice!

31 05 2012

Talk about a game I sure as hell didn’t see coming. Warner Bros and NetherRealm Studios (the brain trust behind Mortal Kombat) are putting together an all out DC Universe fighting game in a similar style to last year’s MK reboot. Some characters seem to be holding a design close to their New 52 counterparts with minor adjustments (though Batman seems to be designed more around the Nolan universe). It looks to be a wild fighter with heroes possibly becoming villains. There is a debut trailer on but they are having issues with it as the video cuts out before the actual end of the trailer. Once the video is up in multiple formats we will be back to post it here or in an additional post. For not sit tight and be ready to see more of this later today, and find out more at E3.

Purchase This Andrew Ryan Limited Edition Figure… Would You Kindly?

30 05 2012

Bioshock is awesome. Andrew Ryan, one of the game’s antagonists and creator of the “free” underwater city of Rapture, is also awesome -One of the greatest videogame villains of all time. Now, Irrational Games gives fans of the series a chance to own a piece of Rapture by releasing an Andrew Ryan action figure limited to just 200 pieces for 100 dollars. I myself am very close to obeying…


Fantasy Movie League: Week 4

29 05 2012

Things are finally starting to heat up as more movies are releasing, allowing more teams to enter the fray. We now have 4 teams active, with 2 of them on their 2nd film. Finally a film has taken Avengers out of the top spot, as many expected MIB III has taken 1st over the holiday weekend. Still it may take a little more than the power of Will Smith to dethrone our current leader. Lets break it all down.


  1. 1.21 GigaWATTS: 122 points (The Avengers, Dictator)
  2. Team Harpo’s Harpies: 44 points (Dark Shadows, MIB III)
  3. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain: 21 points (Battleship)
  4. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain II: Electric Boogaloo: 5 points (Chernobyl Diaries)
  5. Joseph Parks Sucks
  6. Fang McFrost
  7. Patty Hearst Syndrome

This coming weekend will be the Avengers last weekend as it will have reached the 30 day mark, so the plethora of points being given to 1.21 gigawatts from the Marvel Superheroes will be put to bed and the Dictator will have to carry the load until June 29th when Magic Mike is released. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain II: Electric Boogaloo is now on the board but only managed to gain the points for where the film landed in the top 10 (6th place) as it failed to pass the $10 million mark to be awarded any bonus points. Next week won’t see any new teams hit the board but it will see The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain get their 2nd film in Snow White and the Huntsman. We shall see if this epic will see a strong return equal to the amount of advertising that has been out on the film for months now. It all just gets for interesting from here as the Fantasy Movie League moves on!

Digital Reload Preview

28 05 2012

Tonight on the Digital Reload we have a special 8:30 PM (Eastern) start time as we discuss the debacle that is 38 Studios, an awesome collection for the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, and MORE!

Hit us up at spreaker for the live feed or download the show after we air!

Chinlock 05/27/12

27 05 2012

Kane is face!? Christian has a frogsplash!? Ricardo wrestled!? All this and more on the Chinlock!

Listen Here!

Hit the jump for the polls!

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