Fantasy Movie League Season 2 Draft Special!

1 05 2012

Alright kids our Fantasy Movie League will be holding it’s draft tomorrow! As of now we have 7 teams ready to duke it out for box office supremacy and this year we are going to do something fun! We will be holding an Live Draft Special showcasing the picks and ridiculousness of DDF’s Prime League. We will be live on the air at 7:45 PM Eastern with a pre show giving you the breakdown of some of the bigger films, team owners, and what to expect. At 8PM we will be live with the draft and bring you all 5 rounds of action.

We will have plenty of stuff worth listening to and have a commentary team providing you the breakdowns of all the picks and films. It should be an over the top, tongue in cheek kind of event that you won’t want to miss.

Keep an eye on this page HERE! as this is where the show will pop up once we go live. Also if you have not yet make sure to follow us on twitter or facebook as the links to the live shows also get posted there directly as soon as we go live for this or any other show we produce.

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