DDF.com To Start Toy News/Reviews Soon!

7 05 2012

Good evening, folks. Howard here. You may know me from such films as DDF.com Presents The Digital Reload  and DDF.com Presents The Chinlock as well as random articles and reviews posted on the site. Well, do I have an offer for you! Coming soon, I will start posting news on the world of toys; News, Reviews, Hands-On, etc.. It’s something I’ve thought about and wanted to do for a while. I am an avid collector of action figures -mostly Transformers, but several video game, movie, and anime-themed as well. When Smitty approached me with the idea of doing it for the site, I felt that it could be pretty successful. In many cases, toys tie in to the many other topics that we here at DDF cover on a daily basis.

A Picture of Part of My Collection!

While I don’t have every detail ironed out yet, I did want to post on the site so that people reading will know sort-of what to expect when I start churning this stuff out.

- Expect toy news from toy fairs and conventions. I just missed Botcon 2012 but will go back and give my overall impressions.

- Expect pictorial reviews of toys. I have a few that I’ve been wanting to do, including the Mattycollector.com exclusive Voltron Lions!

- I want to start doing videos of reviews and impressions on action figures and posting them on Youtube.com for your viewing pleasure.

I look forward to posting this stuff for everyone to check out. Thanks for coming to our little site, and I hope you all enjoy this and much as I will.


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