Fantasy Movie League 2: Opening Weekend

7 05 2012

Happy Monday Everyone!

With The Avengers opening this weekend and dominating the box office this also means we kick off the Fantasy Movie League Season 2 with its very first update! First off available for download is the full list of teams, their films, and the release dates for each film. That way you and the owners have an idea as to when their teams will wrap up the season. Now for a full breakdown of the rules once again you can click HERE!

This is the list of teams and dates I spoke about: FML Season 2 Team Chart (1)


Now with this opening weekend only one team has a film active as 1.21 GigaWATTS earned the great fortune of the first pick in our draft and taking The Avengers. Next week however the defending champ will have his first film release in Dark Shadows and from there we will see more teams debut in the weeks to come. For now lets get to the official standing after this first weekend.


  1. 1.21 GigaWATTS: 33 points (The Avengers)
  2. Joseph Parks Sucks
  3. Fang McFrost
  4. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain
  5. The Escape From The Return of Butt Mountain II: Electric Boogaloo
  6. Team Harpo’s Harpies
  7. Patty Hearst Syndrome

With a record breaking weekend by The Avengers 1.21 GigaWATTS takes the first jump and the lead for the season so far. While the new system certainly makes it unpredictable and capable for teams of more consistent films to beat out those with just 1 or 2 big ones, this is certainly a hard pill to swallow. Not even Marvel projected The Avengers to hit that mark on it’s opening weekend, almost making back the film’s budget in the US opening weekend alone. This Summer is stacked with great films which should make this season fun to watch. Keep an eye out each week as this report will be out following the weekend box office (the WBO didn’t hit this week due to some internet issues on Helmick’s end beyond his control, however next week we should be back up to speed) and by the end of May, 4 of the 7 teams will be on the board and battling it out.

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