Gamestop Offering Gold Skylander Bundles.

16 05 2012

Capitalizing on the extreme popularity of Skylanders variants, Gamestop is now offering bundle packs of different characters, enticing people with gold Skylanders to go with them. Not a bad thing to do, for it allows people to snag variants without worrying about employees snatching them up for a profit beforehand; However, these bundles can be pretty expensive themselves. Also, collectors are forced to buy figures they most-likely already have. If you haven’t jumped on the Skylanders bandwagon yet, these bundles may not be a bad alternative to getting pretty much every character in one fell swoop.

Look for these bundle packs on

Ultimate Bundle w/ Clear Cynder – $299.99

Ultimate Bundle w/ Clear Wham-Shell – $499.99

Ultimate Bundle w/ Clear Stealth Elf  – $499.99

Gold Chop Chop and Drill Sargent w/ Wham Shell, Warnado, Tower, and Others – 119.91 (Not a terrible deal, all things considered.)

Gold Flameslinger w/ Others – $99.94

All in all, that’s still more money than I’m willing to spend. Other than rarity, the variants aren’t any different from regular Skylanders in-game. I enjoy the game, and am only missing one character… but, I think 37 plus the upcoming 16 is more than enough for me. For those with more disposable income than me… more power to you! Now, if I could only get my WHAM-SHELL.

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