Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Pre-Order Incentives!

2 06 2012



As with most video games, pre-ordering is a way to not only guarantee yourself a copy of the latest title, but also secures a perk in doing so. August’s Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is no different. Two retailers are offering pre-order bonuses, and I personally feel it’s a little one-sided. is getting a single-player Generation 2 skin of Brutus, while Gamestop is offering a Generation 1 skin of Optimus Prime for single-player and Multi-player along with two guns: Megatron’s Blaster and Shockwave’s Cannon. Now, as someone who usually buys from (flashes Amazon credit card) I must say I think I’m actually going to break down and pre-order at Gamestop this time around. I feel that Optimus this go-round looks a little too top-heavy for me, and c’mon… it’s G1 Optimus Prime! Plus, you can use the skin in multi-player as well. Nothing against G2 Bruticus, of course. It’s a great homage to the toy that I don’t think anyone expected. It just goes to show the detail and care that High Moon is putting into this franchise.

I hope that this means we will get other g1/g2/etc-style skins for other characters as DLC. Hit the jump for two more pics of G1 Optimus Prime in-game!



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