Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference

4 06 2012

So EA has a number of games this year to showoff and new partnerships but as usual EA starts with John Riccitiello a man so powerful he needs two microphones to do the press conference(only problem is his jacket continues to rub up against the one on his shirt.) So hit the jump and lets dive into the “wondrous”  worl of Electronic Arts.


A franchise that I personally am a little unfamiliar but I know enough that Dead Space 1 and 2 were a third person perspective shooter, and survival horror game with a single player solo campaign with a multiplayer online. Dead Space 3 come out and introduces a co-op campaign so instead of  so Issac Clarke will not be fighting alone. And no its not Ellie fighting with him even though she is in the game. As far as the partners name is John Carver outside of that nothing was talked about him outside his color is red. Our heroes in the demo are shown on an ice planet of sorts when things go fubar. And by the end of the time get swallowed by a giant caterpillar of sorts.

Madden 13

Once again Ray Lewis pitch man for Madden in their opening narrative. Then Cam Weber “President of the American Football Products” comes out to talk about the new Infinity engine which is a run based engine. He proceeds to talk about how little guys like a Darren Sproles won’t be able to plow through a big guy like a Clay Matthews. He also talks about the new “Connected Careers” that will connect both Superstar and Franchise modes which also introduces an RPG like structure also Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin is on stage being very passionate about everything.

Sim City Social

So last year they gave us Sims Social this year its Sim City on Facebook(look out Cityville). Maxis Senior vice President Lucy Bradshaw takes the stage. The game looks like a (much) more detailed version of Cityville, with good and evil multiplayer mechanics a la “Idle Worship” to give a little more depth of interaction beyond “beg your friends for a few more bricks.” It’s a similar story that Maxis is trying to tell with their new full SimCity title – the focus is on building an interconnected world where “social interaction” extends to every action the player takes in city creation. It was hilarious from my perspective to see the states of VA, MD, and the DC area fight over the budget. No signs of Godzilla, Hurricanes, or Giant Tumbleweed destroying the city just yet.

Battlefield 3 Premium

Nothing much here but COO Peter Moore and Dice’s Patrich Bach to thumb their chest on the “success of Battlefield and announce a premium pack that will have 20 new maps and weapons nothing really new here.


So Dr Ray Muzyka comes out to thumb his chest on the great launch that SWTOR had. Then talks about the expansion packs that have come out. Then says another huge expansion is to come out that will focus on the Hutt Cartel including a new planet called Makeb. New companions most importantly in the form of an HK-51 droid(F YEAH) and a new race in the Cathar which I am glad they are becoming a playable race. He also announces new pvp’s new level cap and that players will be able to play for free up to level 15 which is just enough to get the republic off of Courasant or in the empire’s case Dromund Kaas.

Medel of Honor: Warfighter

Looks really really tight. Now the first thing they made sure during the demo to point out was that it was running under the Frostbite 2 Engine. Then they took the time to tell you your character will be in Somalia. Why Somalia because they need to make sure Somalian Pirate choirs don’t get together. At the beginning of the Demo I assumed you are a zombie because the dude gets sniped before he even reaches the beach. Grenades seem like a very effective way to take out Somali pirates who find themselves on land, according to Medal of Honor Warfighter. There was a Breach and Clear segment that was in bullet time that was really cool but I thought it was pulled off poorly by the player :P. Then they show the great part of the Frostbite 2 Engine in by calling in an artillery or an orbital strike not sure outside of the target getting painted and then the building being completely demolished. Showing off a little Tonka Truck toy thats mowing down Somolian Pirates. And I am sensing a theme with shooters as DRONES……DRONES are now the big thing.

Global Warfighters is the multiplayer portion of the game. It allows players to be different elite units throughout the world such as Spetsnaz, US Navy Seals, OGA, GROM, SFOD-D etc.

Andrew Wilson the head of the EA Sports comes out to talk about the Madden Social game. The Matt Bilbey comes on stage who has the title of President of Football. Which is awesome  but I think they ment soccer because he talks about FIFA 13.


Matt Bilbey says that FIFA has become a world social network in itself. Players from FIFA 12 will be able to carry their levels into FIFA 13. Career importation has come to sports video gaming. Returning fans will get all sorts of other perks and benefits. It will also have its own iphone app to keep you connected to FIFA. Finally the worlds greatest soccer player(says many people) Messi will be the coverboy but I don’t know  if FIFA has the same curse.


When they showed the video I assume its the new MMA fighter however EA HAS THE UFC LICENSE NOW AND WILL FOR MANY MANY YEARS. Dana White comes on stage and is very nervous. UFC fans in the room were apparently not happy about it.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Looks a lot like what we remember of original NFS: MW, tearing ass around town, through construction sites, on the run from the law. Criterion took over with Hot Pursuit, wanted to take a stab at the beloved Most Wanted. Goal is to become the Most Wanted amongst friends. Hopefully it will be better then the last one.

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