The Victims of a Colorado Tragedy

20 07 2012



By now you have woken up to a story of how midnight movie goers outside of Denver were massacred. Fifty people are currently recovering and 12 – 14 have passed away. I am not here to give you the details of this story, I will not breakdown the happenings of this tragedy, nor will I link you to any site that has massive coverage. If you want details you can go to any news site out there in the world. What I want to do here on my site is speak on those who have fallen victim to this crime that took place early this morning. Those are the people who deserve our attention, our prayers, and our concerns.

Far too often when something like this happens the focus is on the person who committed the act. Who they were, what they did, how they did it, their history, their background, their education, their upbringing. NO! I will not treat this story like that! If you woke up this morning losing a family member or friend I am so sorry. If you were at that theater and you witnessed people passing, or you saw victims taken away, or you yourself had blood on you spilled I hope that you recover. I hope that all of you survive, and will one day recover past the fear that now rests in your hearts due to this act.

To the ones who have passed I hope the pain left you quickly and that you are now at peace wherever your soul has gone and that your loved ones honor your memory gloriously and share with each other any lasting memories you gave them that brought happiness or laughter. This is not about the crime or the violence, this is about the victims.

News sites may carry the details because they have to, this is not an writing attacking them for doing so. You may have shared said article and voiced your anger towards anyone who would do such a thing, this writing is not attacking you. These are simply the words of a blogger who refuses to give the glory to an act of violence. I choose to write this out as something to pay lasting respects to all who have fallen or are injured. I know none of you, I will more than likely never meet you or know your names, but I am writing to you, praying for you and attempting to make sure you are not the back burner of this story.

May all who passed rest in peace, may all those recovering come back strong and march away from this tragedy. You all are the focus, the concern and my thoughts will never move away from that principle.

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