Hey! Where Did All The News GO!?

8 08 2012

Over the past few months you may have noticed there haven’t been many days where we post any news articles. Gaming news has dropped, Toy news has gone to the wayside, and Movie and Comic news is very minimal. Seeing as this blog is not the primary occupation for myself or the other four contributors it’s become very difficult for any of us to post up conventional news articles. I know personally from gaming that there may be weeks that go by without the posting of a news article and then suddenly one day there are 4 – 6 and then back to nothing.

This is why we are going to be changing focus, news is going to be put on the shelf for now and replaced with just original content. Editorials, Opinion Articles, and our regular series like The Chinlock, Digital Reload, Crisis in Infinite Comics, Figure Follies and our audio reviews. Updates may not be as often as if we had daily news or updates but at least you know the articles we will bring to you will be bigger, more detailed and interesting.

This is now year 2 and we still go through think tanks everyday to truly establish an appropriate identity for The Digital Daily Fix. We don’t want to just be every other blog out there, we don’t want to be Kotaku or Joystiq or any others you can think of. We just want you to stop by and enjoy whatever you read/watch/listen to. So if you want your gaming news fix listen to the Digital Reload where we will primarily feature the articles there, toys will be handled on Figure Follies, comics will be handled on Crisis in Infinite Comics and Movies through our variety show.

With these changes we really want to hear your comments and opinions. Our comments sections are open to all and any who want to share their thoughts so please do so. On top of all that PLEASE support us through the advertisements we have on the site! Clicking these small videos helps us earn gross that we can put back into the site. We are not asking you to support our personal income, we just ask that if you like the site, then click the ads to help us get funds to make it better.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all your support in all we do!


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