E3 Gameplay Blowout

13 06 2013

Who doesn’t love gameplay huh!? Today is the last day for E3 so while the surprises may be over journalists will be cramming in as much game play and hands on time as they can. Rev3Games has been landing some great walkthroughs so I am gifting you with gameplay and Adam Sessler, you’re welcome.

Hit the jump for the videos

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E3 2013 Tailer/Gamplay Bonanza Day 1.

12 06 2013

So looking through all the stuff being played/demoed/revealed at e3 today there were several things that caught my eye. And through the jump are those few things. Some of these have been shown at the conferences but I am primarily trying to show some of the trailers that didn’t show and thought you should take a look.

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Killer Instinct Is A Launch Title and Free, But With A Catch

12 06 2013




On Monday Killer Instinct went from rumor to confirmation at the Microsoft Press Conference. Now we can confirm that Killer Instinct will launch with the XBOX One and be free, but there is more to that. The game is free to download and will include 1 character, Jago. Other characters can be purchased individually or in a season pass type pack that will give you the entire roster. Pricing for the pass or the individual characters have not been revealed

Masahiro Sakurai Educates Us on Super Smash Bros

12 06 2013


Nintendo has released a Developer Direct video feature with Masahiro Sakurai to discuss some differences and features of the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros. Sakurai also breaks down the moves for newly announced characters Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Mega Man. I really enjoy the insight Sakurai provides on how he chooses characters.

Dark Sorcerer Extended Trailer

12 06 2013


What everyone saw of the Dark Sorcerer at Sony’s E3 conference was a small portion of a full 12 minute video. It’s a longer look at David, an actor in a video game playing “The Dark Sorcerer”. The video is running in real time on PS4, but is not an upcoming title, merely a tech demo setup to show the graphical power of PS4

Pokemon X & Y Makes Big Changes for 3DS Debut

12 06 2013



When the new Pokemon games launch in October they will have some new and very interesting features to change up gameplay and how we play with other people.

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Destiny Gameplay from Sony’s E3 Conference

11 06 2013


Last night’s Sony E3 Conference was huge, but other than the announcements on DRM, Used Games, and the price, Bungie debuted gameplay for Destiny. Take a look at this 12 minute video to see the concept behind the game as well as it’s multiplayer and loot based systems.

Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS

11 06 2013


Nintendo’s Direct even closed with the trailer for Super Smash Bros on both Wii U and 3DS. It seems the 3DS version will have cell shaded graphics, with unique levels like a moving train and other levels designed to attack players as they attack each other. The Wii U version obviously has a graphical overhaul and some characters showed flashes of new moves. Other than that there are no details. Nintendo is adding a villager from Animal Crossing to the roster, oh and there is one more thing.



Mega-Man is now on the roster as well.

Expect more details and more reveals throughout this year and up till the release of the game in 2014

Nintendo Direct: Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD

11 06 2013


Nintendo showed off the first bit of updated gameplay for Wind Waker HD. The game does look quite improved from the GameCube counterpart and Nintendo is promising new game mechanics. Not all details were spilled at this time but Nintendo did state that they are re-doing the Tingle Tuner since that feature required a GameBoy Advance back at the original release of the title.

Game will hit in October

Nintendo Direct: Super Mario 3D World

11 06 2013


The latest 3D Mario game has made it’s debut for Wii U and it takes a bit of creative influence from Super Mario 3D Land for 3DS. There will be 4 player co-op allowing players to be Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach. One new power shown was a cat suit that gave mario a claw attack and lets him climb up walls, as well as the level ending flag poles.

The game will be out this December


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