Smitty Has An Ouya

28 06 2013







After a little local searching and phone calls I managed to find me an Ouya the android based, kickstarted console that is intended to revolutionize what we think a console should be. It has promise, it has issues and after my first evening with it I wanted to share some thoughts.

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E3 2013 Tailer/Gamplay Bonanza Day 1.

12 06 2013

So looking through all the stuff being played/demoed/revealed at e3 today there were several things that caught my eye. And through the jump are those few things. Some of these have been shown at the conferences but I am primarily trying to show some of the trailers that didn’t show and thought you should take a look.

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Smitty is Furious!

7 06 2013



No…not THAT furious


There we go

A lot of anger, frustration, or disappointment has hit the web over the past 12 hours based on the officially released articles from Microsoft dealing with how the XBOX One works pertaining to used games and online functionality. I myself am not angry regarding these policies, I intend to wait until Sony announces their intentions and then I will react and make my decision regarding next gen gaming. So if I am not angry at these policies or Microsoft what am I angry at?


Fuck it, I am calling them out by name because I am absolutely livid at some of their recent actions. It has semi bothered me that their voice regarding the next gen consoles (mainly the XBOX One) has been so outwardly negative that it runs past constructive journalistic criticism and blazes straight to heavy opinionated criticism used to fan the flames of anger. Since starting this site I have always felt that the news needs to be reported in a non-opinionated matter and allow the readers to develop their own opinions. On top of that if people feel strongly about their opinions writers should be the LAST group to come out and encourage the overly angry responses and give the OK to bash those that have an opinion that differ from the majority of the users in the comment sections.

Will I give my opinion on something if asked? Absolutely, but I would NEVER encourage and group to “go after the little guy” and throw negativity at those who don’t share our thoughts. With repeated articles posted on the site stating how awful the XBOX One is and dooming the system outright it has become the general consensus in the comments section to bury the console and call it dead on arrival. Now based on the most recent news an article was posted on the site specifically going after those who are not bothered by XBOX’s policies and criticizing the fact that they are not as angry as anyone else. The writer even took to the comments section to state his opinions even further on these people, calling them apologists or crazy fanboys. This has pretty much encouraged the rest of the kotaku community to go after anyone posting their thoughts on the site that differ from the group. Go look, if you can find any topic on there where someone says “I am OK with these policies” and are NOT greeted with being called a troll, fanboy, or being insulted thoroughly then I will truly be shocked.

This is not how a website, whose purpose is to give it’s readers interesting news and articles revolving around the world of gaming (or any topic for that matter) should act. Before you say anything, yes I know the article was marked as an opinion piece but even then in an article centered around showing your current opinion on a next gen system you DO NOT go after a section of your readers. You do not insight a war and say “yes my minions this is our opinion, DAMN ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENTLY”. If I have issues with a policy, a company, or any other topic I will share it, but I will NEVER go after any readers who disagree. I will always share my views and then ask “what do you think?” and try to start a constructive discussion.

It’s low, it’s juvenile, and it’s ridiculous. Let people have their opinions or views, don’t dictate what is right or wrong on your website. If people are angry about the XBOX One they have every right to be and they should share those thoughts. The ones that still like the XBOX One have every right to share their opinion without concern that the other readers AND the writers/editors will bash them for it.

Shame on you Kotaku, grow the hell up.

E3: What Do the Big Three Have to Prove?

31 05 2013

e3 logo-580-75

E3 is eleven days away and is proving one of the more important events in years.  The past few conventions have been more focused on the curiosity of what each company has coming for their respective current gen systems. This year will have a focus on next gen hardware and each manufacturer has questions that need answering, including Nintendo.

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My Weekend With Marvel Heroes

13 05 2013




Every now and again I participate in various betas for MMOs or any other title I can get my hands on. My latest adventure leads me to the game Marvel Heroes from Gazillion Entertainment. Marvel Heroes has actually been a game that has changed styles, genres, developers, and even names over the past 5 years. The title was originally called Marvel Universe Online and was developed by Cryptic Studios to be released for XBOX 360. However the deal fell apart and what was once Marvel Universe became Champions Online. The work laid dormant and changed hands over to Gazillion Entertainment who signed a 10 year contract with Marvel to make games (their first release was Marvel Super Hero Squad Online) and is set to release Marvel Heroes.

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PS4: 24 Hours Later

21 02 2013




Last night Sony fired the first shot in the next gen console war, one that has a lot of people talking and a shot I wanted to make sure I really looked at before writing an article like this. I watched the conference live last night, though I did miss a portion of it, and came away less than impressed. I felt very negative towards what I saw and hard harsh things to say the rest of the night to those who watched it with me. As the evening progressed however I decided that is was necessary to watch this conference again. Now 24 hours later, 2 viewings, and plenty of research to see how the gaming community and critics alike have reacted I am ready to share my thoughts.

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A Baffling Moment In Gaming Journalism

30 01 2013

I want to start this article by stating an obvious fact.

I am not a Gaming Journalist

I run this blog and write about games for fun. I grew up with games, I sold games, I enjoy talking about them, so I figured why not start a blog? So here I am. I also started a video game podcast with my friends, we tried to incorporate the entire gaming world into what we talk about, but since we don’t do this professionally it’s hard to maintain that. I realized our best shows was when we focused in on our personal interests and opinions. That’s why I changed the show for 2013, to focus on what we play and what we like, not try and be an all encompassing podcast for Video Games. Every now and then however I sit down and listen to other shows, I listen to ┬áthem because I either enjoy them or I want to hear how others do it, get ideas for my own show.

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Amazing Spider-Man #700: The 2nd Opinion

27 12 2012




Brian (Smitty) here, I wanted to wait first and foremost for Tim to release his latest episode of Crisis in Infinite Comics before sharing my opinion on this book and what it sets forth for (at least) the next year in the world of Spider-Man. Tim IS our comic guy, he has a longer standing with the genre than I ever will and to jump ahead of him would be wrong. Now that his episode is out (and you can watch that HERE) I want to give my insight onto the 700th and final issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

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Black Friday Deals Approved For Your ASS!

12 11 2012

Black Friday is quickly approaching! and with it a ton of gaming deals for big 2012 titles that you may have waited on. Instead of searching a bunch of pages and sections and a million Black Friday sites, we consolidated it all for you right here in this article.. don’t say we never did anything for you.

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The Wii U Is Almost Here! What Will Be Out On November 18th?

12 11 2012

We are less than a week away from Nintendo’s next console hitting the market. Since it’s initial announcement the system has had a lot of question marks and the real push for the console didn’t start until the day they finally announces launch dates and pricing. Just about every retailer is out of stock on these consoles, with the basic edition being the only one you can find to Pre-Order at out of the box locations. For those of you already locking up a system, or planning to go out and try to secure one from a store NOT doing pre orders, here what will be out along with my own recommendations for games and accessories.

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