XBOX One: We Got To Play It

4 11 2013


Many of you may be aware that Microsoft has been traveling across the US touring with the XBOX One. Various games have been on display as events all shapes and sizes for us to play and experience. Our own local even here for the Digital Daily Fix was this past weekend outside of a Wal-Mart in Frederick, MD. A few of us got to play the console, and here are our impressions.

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Smitty Reviews: Grand Theft Auto V

25 10 2013




One step closer to a recent release as I reach the month of September with my review of Grand Theft Auto V. Is it the last great game of this generation, or a sign that we really need to move onto something new?

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Smitty Reviews: Diablo III Consoles

23 10 2013



A game that was completely off my radar (having already bought the PC version) until I got to see some of the drop in/drop out co-op and next thing you know here I am with a copy in my XBOX. Does playing this dungeon crawler with a controller make even the slightest difference?

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Smitty Reviews: Saint’s Row IV

21 10 2013



Better late than never right? It has been a while since I reviewed anything (my last real review was Pacific Rim… yikes) and I have played quite a few games since than, so it’s time to go review crazy! You can call this Smitty Reviews Week as I plan to have several written reviews posted and done over the span of the week.


First up! Saints Row IV!

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The Steam OS Is A Game Changer

4 10 2013


Just when you think you have a grasp on where this next generation may be heading, someone comes along and flips it on it’s ear. Valve is that company, SteamOS is the platform, and those that have had luke warm feelings towards the next gen consoles are excited. The idea of a SteamBox is quickly becoming a reality and it could completely change the way we game.

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Nintendo Direct: Pokemon X and Y News

4 09 2013


This morning Nintendo had a Direct video focusing on Pokemon X and Y. Surprisingly there was a lot of news for the US audience, news that should bring fans of the series a lot of joy.


Two Starting Pokemon

It was revealed today that not only will you have a choice between the starting Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Y (Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie) you will also be able to choose from the three original Pokemon in Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. On top of this the three returning starters will have mega evolutions:



MegaVenusaur doesn’t seem all that different, but I do enjoy the looks of MegaCharizard and MegaBlastoise. In addition to the new looks the Mega forms will also have new abilities. Venusaur gets the ability “Thick Fat” which gives protection against fire and ice. Charizard will gain a special stat increase and the ability “Drought” which increases fire damage. Finally Blastoise will gain “Mega Launcher” which increases the the damage of Water Pulse and Dark Pulse.


Special Edition 3DS Consoles



The US will get these special edition 3DS XL consoles on September 27th. This launch is before the release of X and Y so a copy of the game will not be included. The consoles will come in at $200.


Pokemon Bank

The Pokemon Bank is a 3DS cloud system for storing Pokemon. You will be able to store up to 3000 different pocket monsters. It will be a paid service requiring a fee to use and maintain. The Bank can be used for Pokemon from the original Black and White, to X and Y, as well as future releases.


All in all a solid bit of news and the announcement of the returning original starts is definitely exciting. Pokemon X and Y will release on October 12th.

XBOX One Officially Launches on November 22nd

4 09 2013


Microsoft has officially announced that the XBOX One will launch in select regions on Friday, November 22nd. This puts the console a week after the Playstation 4, and a week before Black Friday. Microsoft also announced that their stock of XBOX One Day One Editions have been completely sold out. Whether that means all launch consoles are claimed or that there will be consoles available on the 22nd without the limited edition features is currently unknown.

Now that all the launch dates are announced it’s finally time to focus on what is important, the games.

GTA V Never Stops Getting Better

15 08 2013

I don’t know who told Rockstar they had something to prove with Grand Theft Auto V.. but whoever it was needs a raise and a hug. GTA V details have been coming to light through official videos that detail how the game works. First we had a video explaining what we can do in the single player mode and the options were gigantic. GTA Online is the multiplayer for GTA V and it looks astounding. Just sit back, watch the 3 minute video and let us know what you think.


New Nintendo Direct for Wii U and 3DS Comes Our Way Tomorrow

6 08 2013




Tomorrow at 10AM EST a new Nintendo Direct will go live giving us further details on scheduled 3DS and Wii U games that have been set to release later this year. Hopefully this presentation will also take the time to update us on certain projects like Yoshi’s next Wii U title and the Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game that we heard snippets of before E3.

With recent reports out that the Wii U is selling at a snail’s pace it seems imperative to let consumers know what games are coming and that they will be hitting shelves soon if they want to increase the overall install base. As a current owner of the system I desperately want something announced soon that will give me a reason to power on my console.

We shall see what the big N has for us tomorrow.

Saints Row IV: Track List Announced, Character Creator Released

6 08 2013




Saints Row IV will his shelves in 2 weeks, so with us in the final stretch before release news is flowing out on a regular basis. First and foremost Volition has announced the full track list for the game, 109 tracks across 7 radio stations. Hit the jump for the full list (along with the DJs for each station) as well as info on the character creator.

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