Crisis in Infinite Comics: ARE YOU READ FOR SOME DRAFTING!!!!

30 08 2013

Timothy crunches football numbers and players but gets to you with his weeks episode. This week he has Justice League, Red Lanterns, Wolverine and the X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Uncanny Avengers, New Avengers, and Thanos Rising.

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SDCC: Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

19 07 2013

Today at Comic-Com AMC released a 4 minute trailer of the next season of The Walking Dead set to return October 13.

SDCC: Namco High(not a typo)

19 07 2013

So someone over at Namco-Bandai decided lets do a dating sim and include all of out characters. And the people in the room stood up and applauded this person. He was asked who is going to develop this game. They then said lets get Andrew Hussie the creator behind the web comic known as “Homestuck”(never heard of it until before writing this thing).

The game will be a mash-up of multiple Namco Bandai universes, and will take place in a “high school just for video game characters. The dating sim will be browser-based, allowing for cross-platform enjoyment… regardless of device. The related studios involved are Pumpkin studios and ShiftyLook. The game is set to be released before Holiday Season 2013.


SDCC: AMS2-Electro teaser

17 07 2013

A teaser for Electro has hit the interwebs for Fridays Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel.

SDCC: Godzilla

17 07 2013

So a few years ago Legendary Pictures was sniffing around for a way to reboot the classic Toho franchise Godzilla in America. Well Director Gareth Edwards teased that something big is going to happen at Comic Con this year. And then gave the interwebs this little picture.


Godzilla stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe and Juliette Binoche and hits screens worldwide May 2014 courtesy of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures. Here’s a few other little sneak picks of the film.


Update: Another poster for Godzilla was release giving and idea on how massive it is. Hit the jump and see.

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Avengers #6

14 02 2013


So here is Spider-Ock making first impressions with the Avengers. And let me tell you first impressions are everything.

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Thunderbolts 4

2 02 2013


Madman the brother to the Leader makes his presence known.

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Superior Spider-Man 3

2 02 2013


Otto Octavius continues his adventures as Spider-Man and continues to be all buddy buddy with Mayor Jameson.

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New Avengers 3

2 02 2013


Hank McCoy learns of Charles Xaviers alliance with the Illuminati and proceeds to join them.

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Superior Spiderman #2

25 01 2013


And so after all these years J. Jonah Jameson makes nice with Spider-Man but not the Spider-Man is should be. On the flip side MJ and Carlie Cooper have their weekly ex Spider-Man girlfriends talk.

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