Goodbye Everyone

15 01 2014

Hello everyone,

Smitty coming your way with some heavy hearted news. As of the end of this month we will no longer be providing any content, news or otherwise on this site or the one over on Our personal and professional lives have gotten to the point where we can no longer support the site the way we want to. We wish we could of provided more content on a consistent basis but at this point we just don’t have the availability. For now it is time for us to walk away, focus on ourselves for a bit, and if life permits it we may just come back. If you were a regular reader of any capacity we thank you. If you just came here randomly, we thank you, and if you ever listened to our podcasts we thank you.

Please visit our site for our podcasts over on PodBean for details on our shows.

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Gaming News Returns?

6 06 2013

Greetings everyone! I wanted to take the time to discuss some features (well.. one really) on this site that we haven’t done in a while.

Gaming News

When we first started the site we had news or articles pertaining to video games, as well as movies and comics. After a little over a year I cut gaming news and focused on editorials because I didn’t really have the availability to keep up with the breaking stories. Ever since however I feel like the site has been missing something as we can go days or up to a week with barely any updates.

Currently we have a poll on our Facebook Page asking if readers would like news to return to the site. If the poll continues the way it has been then indeed, news will return. I just want to take a moment to lay out the potential plans for gaming news in the future on the site. I (Smitty) will primarily handle the news as it’s something I enjoyed doing and I want to be the one to continue providing it going forward. That doesn’t mean the other contributors are banned from doing it, just I am going to be the one spearheading it.

You will see a huge increase in news and articles starting Monday June 10th for E3 coverage. As we come across breaking stories from the convention they will pop up here on the site. From there on out I will do my best to get a few news articles on here each day. I won’t be posting EVERYTHING, mainly sticking to things I think hold the most interest to readers here on the site. So don’t expect sales figures or anything too heavy on the industry side. Expect trailers, game announcements, gameplay, etc.

Because I know there are people that visit here that don’t go to our Facebook page I will throw the poll here at the end of the article. Please take the time and let us know if you think news should return to the Digital Daily Fix.

Podcast Debacles!

19 11 2012

First and foremost I would like to apologize for no announcement regarding the Chinlock last night. Due to illness we cancelled the show, and (as of now) Digital Reload is delayed. We may try to record an episode later this week to discuss Wii U stuff but if we cannot pin down a day it will just wait till next week. Apologies ladies and gents

The Games of 2012: We Need Your Guidance People!

19 10 2012

So if you have been listening to the digital reload the past two weeks you heard the beginning of our progression towards an end of the year show. This past Monday we compiled a list of what we have played and (potentially) what we need to play. Have a look!


Here is where I ask YOU the readers for some feedback (for real this time) You see above, all the games without an X’s under are names are the ones we need to play before the end of the year. What I want to hear from you is, what should we play first? is there anything missing? TELL US!

Comment on this post!

Post something on our Facebook!

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We want any and all feedback, a little interaction between us and the readers! GET TO IT!

Where Did All This Game News Come From!?

8 10 2012

If you have been following our blog for a while you know I posted an update stating news would be slim to none when it comes to video games. the demands of a 9-5 job left limited time to consistently write those articles and instead of insulting you with spotty coverage I decided it was time to focus on editorials and other content with more substance. For the most part this all is still the case but seeing as every Monday night at 7:30 we put on a little podcast called the Digital Reload I felt we needed to do something a little more than just the recording that is posted up the following day.

So starting today every Monday all the news we will be covering on Digital Reload will be up on the site for your reading pleasure. That way you have a head start on what to expect on our show (at least as far as news goes) it’s an evolution of sorts from the preview article I used to try and throw up Monday afternoons. So be sure to check out today’s Gaming News and then be on spreaker at 7:30 as you hear us discuss these topics among other things.

Hey! Where Did All The News GO!?

8 08 2012

Over the past few months you may have noticed there haven’t been many days where we post any news articles. Gaming news has dropped, Toy news has gone to the wayside, and Movie and Comic news is very minimal. Seeing as this blog is not the primary occupation for myself or the other four contributors it’s become very difficult for any of us to post up conventional news articles. I know personally from gaming that there may be weeks that go by without the posting of a news article and then suddenly one day there are 4 – 6 and then back to nothing.

This is why we are going to be changing focus, news is going to be put on the shelf for now and replaced with just original content. Editorials, Opinion Articles, and our regular series like The Chinlock, Digital Reload, Crisis in Infinite Comics, Figure Follies and our audio reviews. Updates may not be as often as if we had daily news or updates but at least you know the articles we will bring to you will be bigger, more detailed and interesting.

This is now year 2 and we still go through think tanks everyday to truly establish an appropriate identity for The Digital Daily Fix. We don’t want to just be every other blog out there, we don’t want to be Kotaku or Joystiq or any others you can think of. We just want you to stop by and enjoy whatever you read/watch/listen to. So if you want your gaming news fix listen to the Digital Reload where we will primarily feature the articles there, toys will be handled on Figure Follies, comics will be handled on Crisis in Infinite Comics and Movies through our variety show.

With these changes we really want to hear your comments and opinions. Our comments sections are open to all and any who want to share their thoughts so please do so. On top of all that PLEASE support us through the advertisements we have on the site! Clicking these small videos helps us earn gross that we can put back into the site. We are not asking you to support our personal income, we just ask that if you like the site, then click the ads to help us get funds to make it better.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all your support in all we do!


Quick Little Site Update

20 05 2012

I Bet This Site Looks All Different to You

10 05 2012

Welcome to the new layout for!

The site felt it needed a little sprucing up, a little color and a little splash so we jumped to a new theme, cleaned up the logo to reflect the color scheme and made some menu changes.

Side Bar

You will notice on the right hand side there is a new easy way to like our fan page and follow site updates, Now without even leaving the blog you can like our page and help support us! We also have a link for you to submit your e-mail address to get site updates that way.

Top Menu

We cleaned up the menu bar at the top with a few drop menus. If you move your mouse over the news link you will see a menu come down showing our different news sections. We also added this to Editorials and Podcasts. Makes things less cluttered.

As the weeks go on we may make more changes to clean up the site but for not I wanted to let you know the big ones.

Fantasy Movie League Season 2 Draft Special!

1 05 2012

Alright kids our Fantasy Movie League will be holding it’s draft tomorrow! As of now we have 7 teams ready to duke it out for box office supremacy and this year we are going to do something fun! We will be holding an Live Draft Special showcasing the picks and ridiculousness of DDF’s Prime League. We will be live on the air at 7:45 PM Eastern with a pre show giving you the breakdown of some of the bigger films, team owners, and what to expect. At 8PM we will be live with the draft and bring you all 5 rounds of action.

We will have plenty of stuff worth listening to and have a commentary team providing you the breakdowns of all the picks and films. It should be an over the top, tongue in cheek kind of event that you won’t want to miss.

Keep an eye on this page HERE! as this is where the show will pop up once we go live. Also if you have not yet make sure to follow us on twitter or facebook as the links to the live shows also get posted there directly as soon as we go live for this or any other show we produce.

The Digital Daily Fix Fantasy Movie League Season 2

27 04 2012

With the Avengers premiering next Friday here in the US it means we are beginning the summer movie season. This also means season 2 of out Fantasy Movie League will be upcoming along with the extensive stat changes we made to try and balance out fairness and competition.

To see those rule changes click HERE!

This is our big summer event we will hold every year and is very fun to participate in. In the next few days we will have the official draft list posted for people to take a look at and see what is in store for the Summer. We may have something else to announce soon but I don’t want to divulge details until talking to the rest of the crew.

If you have any interest in participating then please email us at

or you can leave a comment here. We will get with you on contact information and draft time.

If you want to take this info and create your own league you certainly may do so and we would be more than happy to do the stat tracking for you. Just email the information of team names, what teams have what movies, etc. and we will track it.

This year the Fantasy Movie League Updates will be separate from the Weekend Box Office when being posted on the site.

I apologize for this late announcement but the job that pays the bills has been a little hectic so my opportunity to update has been a bit rough.


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