Digital Daily Fix March Madness!

2 03 2012

Get ready ladies and gents! We are very close to kicking off DDF’s 2nd Annual March Madness Tournament!

Year 1 saw us pit Good vs Evil in an ultimate battle on who would come out on top. That tournament saw Optimus Prime take the crown and be declared champion, but this year is different. This year we focus on Duos! Teams of two that span Movies, Television, Comics, Cartoons, and Gaming as we determine who is the best of them all. The bracket will be popping up in the next few days so you can start making predictions and the tournament itself will begin on Friday March 9th. So be ready to vote and enjoy Digital Daily Fix’s Dynamic Duo Super Cup Tournament!

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Site News: Editor Updates!

17 01 2012

Afternoon Everyone!

I wanted to take this time to inform you of a bit of restructuring we are doing regarding the site and who is posting what. Since we started this site myself, Howard, Tim, and Helmick posted various things we found around the web to make sure we covered as much as possible. Now with a new year we wants to streamline things to make it more structured. So from here on how this is what you can expect from us. Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Daily Fix: One Year Later

5 01 2012

It’s a bit hard to believe that it’s been a year since this site was created. I had an idea that spawned only days before and an ever growing passion to get the ball rolling. What started as a blogger site, a dinky Facebook page, and a logo made in Microsoft Paint has (in my opinion) come a long way. It doesn’t matter whether this thing is making me any money or not (it isn’t), what matters is myself and the other writers/contributors are having fun doing what we do. We now have 2 podcast series, a YouTube series based on comic books, and several other regular articles that pop up from everyone as well as news on a semi consistent basis. Do I wish we had tons of articles everyday and thousands of hits? Of course I do, but that takes time and I am sure we are dedicated to get there. The goal isn’t to become a media empire or an industry leader. It’s to provide a site that you enjoy coming to and like reading and hearing what we have to say.

Read the rest of this entry »

Digital Daily Fix Update for 2012!

3 01 2012

Good Afternoon everyone!

I would like to take this time to thank any and all of you that have visited our site over the past year since we started this little blog. I know we have not been the most professional or consistent in new content but we do our best with availability to give you something fun and unique to read on the interwebs. 2012 will be year 2 for us with the 1 year anniversary of this site coming up on Thursday.

With that being said we have plans on things to do this year to give you guys more fun things to participate in and watch unfold.

March will see our 2nd Annual March Madness Tournament release. We kicked it off last year with a Heroes vs Villains Tournament that saw Optimus Prime take the crown. Instead of doing the same theme as 2011 we will be doing a new one titled “Dynamic Duos” where 2 person teams from live action and various forms of media will do battle to determine who the ultimate duo is. We will be putting together the participants soon and in March the tournament will begin and will be fueled by your votes!

March 6th will be the 1 Year Anniversary of The Chinlock and we will be sure to plan something special for the                  event.

Speaking of Chinlock (as well as Digital Reload) they will be back next week as we took the last two weekends off for the holidays but rest assured Sunday January 8th and Monday January 9th will be the returns of both weekly shows.

Speaking of shows 2012 should see the Best Picture Blowout return this year. 2011 saw Helmick and I putting together a few podcasts reviewing each film up for the Academy Award’s Best Picture and predicting who would win the statue. The line-up on who will be participating may change but we will have the special this year regardless of who is or is not doing it.

We should also see the debut of a Movie Podcast series being put together by Helmick himself and co-hosts of his choosing. No date on when to expect that or who will also be in on it but expect the bulk of our movie reviews to be on this podcast and this will probably be a bi-weekly to monthly podcast.

We have plenty more in the works and hope to reveal the plans soon. Hope you are as excited as we are and please keep supporting the blog!


Podcasts Coming!

8 08 2011

Just wanted to let you know we got 3 podcasts in the pipeline but right now my Internet is down and I cannot post them. They are:

Chinlock July 31st
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Review
Chinlock August 7th

Sorry for the delay (especially with the July 31st Chinlock) but they will be up ASAP


27 05 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen… welcome to the new Digital Daily Fix blogsite!

Take the time to check out all the options and such, There are a few categories up top and then a drop down menu with all of them on the right.

While Blogger was a nice place to start and get our feet wet in this whole thing I really felt eventually we needed to move onto a site that provides us with more options for a cleaner looking site. I had been looking into this for a while and found a solid site with plenty of customization options as well as an opportunity to buy the domain name for us to have a real website!

More changes to the look and everything will be on the way as I am looking to have the site in order before E3. As another note the one downside to this new site is that it no longer allows me to put a hipcast player directly onto any posts we make that involve podcasts. Instead we will have links to an external player that will be used for all your listening needs.

This is just the next step in evolving this site into something more legitimate. I hope as time progresses we will also be able to upgrade such things as audio equipment to improve the quality of our podcasts. There has also been debate about advertising and other methods we can use to help generate money for the site. These will NOT be options where you have to pay for anything, only free options you can do to support the site and help us improve what we do on a regular basis.

We hope you will enjoy the new layout and the things we have in store for the site as we move on to being on the web for 6 months!

Smitty & The Rest of the Digital Daily Fix Crew

>Digital Daily Fix’s Next Video Blog Series.

20 05 2011

>Check out the video on what is upcoming with the Digital Daily Fix Video Blog Series.

>Digital Daily Fix’s Next Big Event!

5 04 2011

>First off we all would like to thank each and every one of you that came here and participated in The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 2011 for the month of March. It garnered a lot of interest to the site and was a lot of fun, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did putting it together. With that being said I want to run another event, one that is bigger in scale and will try to out do The G,B, & U. All of us here who write for the site are big into fantasy sports, mainly fantasy football so I thought to myself how can we take the concept of fantasy sports and turn it around to fit the theme of this site? We don’t cover sports and we never will (aside from sports games on occasion) so it has to be something to do with games or movies.

Now I won’t lie the inspiration for this idea came from a podcast I was listening to on but the details and everything are all us. We are still working out the details and everything but we got enough going that I feel I can let you in on the secret.

Starting in May we will begin a Fantasy Movie League. It will be a league comprising of 10 people creating teams of 5 movies set to release from May to November. As each movie releases we will track their earning at the box office and add their overall gross to your teams point total each week we do the Weekend Box Office Report. Once all movies that have been chosen by each team have released we will tally up all the totals and the person with the highest combined total gross of all 5 movies will be crowned our League Champion and receive the league trophy.

We don’t have all the details ironed out but as soon as we do we will post them.

>The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly 2011 Official Bracket!

5 03 2011


Here it is kids, the official bracket for our March Madness event. I’m sure you may have disputes with who we chose and their seeding but we broke this all down over the course of several hours and intense debate. Hell it’s all for fun anyway so who cares? We suggest you print this bad boy out and fill in your predictions! The polls will be up Monday with the first round!

>Digital Daily Fix Celebrates March Madness… Sort of..

4 03 2011

>Here at the Digital Daily Fix we don’t do sports… but we do like tournaments!

Which is why for March Madness we are doing our own 64 entry tournament (we know NCAA is up to 68 this year but screw that noise) Ladies and Gentlemen we present to you!

Digital Daily Fix’s
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 
2011 March Tournament!

This tournament will feature 64 heroes and villains from our favorite Movies, TV Series, Comics and Video Games. Villains will be on one half of the bracket while heroes will be on the other. When it all comes down to it the top villain will face the top hero in a battle to determine the Grand Champion of out Good, Bad, and The Ugly tournament!
Saturday/Sunday we will post a bracket you guys can print out and fill as you see fit, and Monday will begin the opening round. Every 2 days will begin another round. Here is how it breaks down.
March 7th & 8th: Heroes Opening Round
March 9th & 10th: Villains Opening Round
March 11th & 12th: Heroes 2nd Round
March 13th & 14th: Villains 2nd Round
March 15th & 16th: Heroes 3rd Round
March 17th & 18th: Villains 3rd Round
March 19th & 20th: Heroes 4th Round
March 21st & 22nd: Villains 4th Round
March 24th & 25th: Heroes Semifinals
March 26th & 27th: Villains Semifinals
March 28th – 30th: The Finals!

We will have polls on the site for each match up where it is up to you guys to come in and vote for the winner! More details will be up over the weekend! So get ready!


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