SDCC: Arrow Season 2 Trailer

20 07 2013

Arrow season 2 trailer has arrived

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SDCC: AMS2-Electro teaser

17 07 2013

A teaser for Electro has hit the interwebs for Fridays Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel.

The Latest Trailer for Dark Knight Rises Takes Gotham to the Playhouse

12 07 2012


OK… so maybe it isn’t the newest trailer.. maybe it was a mock trailer done by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featuring the voice of Pee Wee Herman…

Either way it not only gets you excited for the film as it hits in just over a week, it also lets you know that we must petition to have an audio track of the entire film voiced by Pee Wee. 2 hours and 45 minutes of this… yes.. yes I think that would be lovely.

Obvious credit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for the skit, and credit to reader and friend Anna Yox for showing this to me in the first place. I can’t take credit for shit I didn’t find on my own!

Marvel Heroes

10 07 2012

So Marvel Heroes developed by the folks at Gazillion Entertainment is a game that is almost self explanatory. Except it’s being done in the style of Diablo and instead of playing as a randomly created hero you actually get to play as a Marvel Superhero. Sweet give me Rocket Raccoon and Squirrel Girl any day. So the game will be available to be played at San Diego Comic-Con this week. The other nice thing is the game will be Free To Play once it launches but currently it doesn’t have a release date. However they do have a 15 minutes video showing off the game.

Anchorman 2 Teaser

18 05 2012

Saw the teaser posting and uuuuhhhh Hellz to the Yeah.

Avengers Superbowl Commercial Teaser in 17 seconds.

31 01 2012

So instead of just going ahead and airing the trailer at the Superbowl Marvel is going to tease us with the trailer days in advance. All I will say is i wish Warner didn’t pull TDKR from the game. But hey there are at least new images from the movie and more teasing of The Hulk. Enjoy.

Detailed First Footage of The Avengers.

22 08 2011

I am going to say this right now if you do not desire to know the details of the footage at it will contain spoilers then do not read any further.

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Digital Daily Fix Trailer Time!

11 07 2011

I know news has been few and far between the last few weeks but that doesn’t mean the site is lacking content! Today I figured I would gather some new ┬ámovie trailers that have hit the web just for your viewing pleasure. You can kind of say it’s the hump day article 2 days early but why criticize? It’s fun content!

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>Thor TV Spots

29 03 2011

>The Thor TV spots have started to appear.



>Ninja Gaiden III teaser trailer

28 02 2011

>I’m so excited now since I loved the other 2 in this revived series.


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