Digital Reload Best of 2012 Polls!

31 12 2012

Digital Reload



The Best of 2012 Special will be Saturday January 5th at 7PM!

In the lead up to this big event podcast we have our fan polls! Below is our nominees for all of our categories! Vote all week and listen on Saturday to find out our winners, and the poll winners!

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Digital Reload 12/10/12

11 12 2012

Digital Reload



Due to technical issues this episode is split into two parts. These episodes we talk the Spike VGAs! Living Room PCs! Our Latest Prep for our End of the Year Award Show! and MORE!

Part 1

Part 2

Digital Reload 11/26/12

27 11 2012



This week’s episode is all about the Wii U! Is it worth getting NOW!? Find out!


Listen HERE!

Digital Reload 11/05/12

7 11 2012



XCOM Review! News! Mat Gets a Mic! Sony Woes and MORE!

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Digital Reload Double Dose!

31 10 2012



So we failed to post last week’s episode, on top of that we recorded this week’s episode late due to Sandy. So here is a double dose of the Digital Reload!

10/22/12 Episode

10/30/12 Episode

No Digital Reload Tonight

29 10 2012

Due to Hurricane Sandy and hazardous conditions we will not be doing the Digital Reload tonight. We will be back next week

Digital Reload 10/15/12

16 10 2012



XCOM! Pokemons! Chili Dip! Magic Man! Plus we got a lot of damn games to play before 2012 ends… but how many is that exactly?


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Digital Reload 10/09/12

9 10 2012



Kevin Butler gets sued, Resident Evil 6′s Single Player experience gets reviewed, and we figure out the games we need to play before years end and our Best of 2012 special!

All this and more nonsense for your listening pleasure

Listen HERE!

Digital Reload 10/02/12

2 10 2012



4 man performance this week as we talk some Blacker Ops, EA Sports woes, and some XCOM! Most importantly the return of chili cheese dip!


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Digital Reload 09/24/12

27 09 2012



Apologies for posting this late, here is our newest episode!

Borderlands 2 Review and discussions of the Resident Evil 6 demo!


Friendly reminder that anyone can hear us live every Monday at 7:30 if you follow us on or on Facebook!


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