SDCC: Power Rangers

18 07 2013

So yeah I watched Power Rangers when I was a child. I was in the 2nd grade when the series began watched faithfully all the way through “Time Force” saw fragments of “Wild Force” skipped “Ninja Storm” watched most of “Dino Thunder” all of “SPD” hated “Mystic Force” and largely ignored the last 3 going on 4 incarnations of the franchise. Mainly because to me the original Might Morphin Powers Rangers stays with me today as the best team. With some of the best Zords and best enemies. So at SDCC celebrating its 20 years(and a month later at the Morphi-Con convention) publisher Papercutz has announced a new series of graphic novels featuring the original team. Each graphic novel will serve as a “lost episode,” with the first volume taking place before the debut of Tommy as the Green Ranger and the arrival of Lord Zed. This first volume will be written by Stefan Petrucha and illustrated by PH Marcondes, and is slated to be released in May 2014.


But that’s not all hit the jump and read/see more.

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I REALLY Want This Super Robot Chogokin Action Figure…

28 06 2012

I very much enjoy Power Rangers. When I was younger, I remember playing with the various Megazords and wishing that they did more than just do the Monkey in terms of articulation. But now, thanks to the creators of the Super Robot Chogokin line of figures, we soon will have what many fans have always wanted! The figure is due out in September, around the same time as the 20th anniversary of the original Power Rangers television show. It will be die-cast and will include sword, shield, and shoulder-mounted cannons. It will also have effects that you can put on the sword and crest of the Megazord to reenact attacks. What this Megazord lacks in combining, it makes up for in overall badassery. Look for this bad boy to set you back around 60 bucks.

Now You Too Can Assassinate With the Best of Them!

28 06 2012


ScreenShot Image

Head over to Gamestop’s website to check out this bad boy: A replica Assassin’s Creed Hidden Blade. Made from plastic, it’s spring-loaded blade bursts from the gauntlet with the press of a button! Look for this to ship in October at $39.99. That’s not actually a bad price …

Hot Toys Reveals Hot New Figure: Black Widow!

18 06 2012

Hit the jump to check out pics of the latest Avenger-turned action figure, Black Widow. I bet there are some people who are wondering if they’ve molded all of her… assests… accurately. Like all of the other Hot Toys Avengers releases, the figure comes with a load of hands and weapons!

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Skylanders Giants Trailer is… addicting. Plus, News!

7 06 2012

With Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure making money hand-over-fist… it’s no surprise that Activision is jumping back in like a pig in mud. The first game was delightfully addictive (I… don’t have all 37 characters or anything…) and featured a fun experience for both child and man-child. With such a success, it’s good to see that Activision and Toys For Bob (The company responsible for the figurines) is expanding on the franchise in many different ways. Hit the jump to see more what’s to be expected!

Oh, also… there is a series of videos exclusive to the Skylander’s Facebook page breaking down some of the new additions!

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Speaking of New Pop! Vinyl… Here’s Dark Knight Rises!

2 06 2012

Check’em out after the jump! Bane… Just… Bane…

Oh! I wanted to link people to the site, they have a TON of different figures.

Funko POP! Vynal Figures

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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Revealed!

2 06 2012

He’s big. He’s a city. He’s Metroplex! While it’s been known for a while, here we get our first pic of him in-game. He’s looking pretty bad ass! Let’s hope we get a toy of him!


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Pre-Order Incentives!

2 06 2012



As with most video games, pre-ordering is a way to not only guarantee yourself a copy of the latest title, but also secures a perk in doing so. August’s Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is no different. Two retailers are offering pre-order bonuses, and I personally feel it’s a little one-sided. is getting a single-player Generation 2 skin of Brutus, while Gamestop is offering a Generation 1 skin of Optimus Prime for single-player and Multi-player along with two guns: Megatron’s Blaster and Shockwave’s Cannon. Now, as someone who usually buys from (flashes Amazon credit card) I must say I think I’m actually going to break down and pre-order at Gamestop this time around. I feel that Optimus this go-round looks a little too top-heavy for me, and c’mon… it’s G1 Optimus Prime! Plus, you can use the skin in multi-player as well. Nothing against G2 Bruticus, of course. It’s a great homage to the toy that I don’t think anyone expected. It just goes to show the detail and care that High Moon is putting into this franchise.

I hope that this means we will get other g1/g2/etc-style skins for other characters as DLC. Hit the jump for two more pics of G1 Optimus Prime in-game!

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Popular Pop Vinyl Figures Continue with Plants Vs. Zombies!

2 06 2012

The company behind the Pop! Vinyl figure series, Funko, is tightening it’s iron-clad grasp on adorable chibi-style pop-culture icons via it’s next line of figures from Plants vs. Zombies. The Pop! series already includes pop-culture giants like Disney, Marvel, The Beatles, Notorious B.I.G., Beetlejuice, and KISS -To name a few. The figures follow the same basic format, but the art design for the figures add flair and adowableness. I consider them to be great collector’s items especially given their $9.99 MSRP. With few videogame characters available currently, I hope that the release of the PvZ line in early July will see more videogame mascots following suite; C’mon Mortal Kombat and Resident Evil figures!

Hit the jump to see the rest of the figures in the first wave!

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Purchase This Andrew Ryan Limited Edition Figure… Would You Kindly?

30 05 2012

Bioshock is awesome. Andrew Ryan, one of the game’s antagonists and creator of the “free” underwater city of Rapture, is also awesome -One of the greatest videogame villains of all time. Now, Irrational Games gives fans of the series a chance to own a piece of Rapture by releasing an Andrew Ryan action figure limited to just 200 pieces for 100 dollars. I myself am very close to obeying…



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