GTA V Never Stops Getting Better

15 08 2013

I don’t know who told Rockstar they had something to prove with Grand Theft Auto V.. but whoever it was needs a raise and a hug. GTA V details have been coming to light through official videos that detail how the game works. First we had a video explaining what we can do in the single player mode and the options were gigantic. GTA Online is the multiplayer for GTA V and it looks astounding. Just sit back, watch the 3 minute video and let us know what you think.


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A New Trailer for Thor: The Dark World Has Hit

7 08 2013

November will be the month where we get another dose of Marvel’s movie universe when Thor: The Dark World releases. Marvel has released a new, full trailer today that gives us more of that brotherly dynamic between the title character and his brother Loki, as well as new shots of Asgard, Lady Sif, The Warriors Three, and more. Check out the trailer.


Batman Arkham Origins Is Getting Multiplayer

31 07 2013


When Batman Arkham Origins releases this fall it will be the first in the franchise to feature a multiplayer mode. As seen in the above trailer it will be 3 v 3 v 2. 3 Elite thugs of the Joker’s, 3 of Bane’s and Batman and Robin. There are 2 ways to win the match, if playing as Batman and Robin you must use the shadows to hide and take out thugs with stealth. This will raise an intimidation meter and when that meter is full it ends the match and Batman and Robin win. If either thug team can take out the other team before Batman and Robin can do this then the thugs win.

Each team of thugs essentially have lives that allow so many respawns before they are entirely depleted. During these battles the opportunity to play as either Bane or The Joker will arise about midway through. You will hear your respective boss wanting access to the map via an entrance and the first person on their team to reach them gets to control the character. Bane is said to work in a similar fashion to Gears of War 3′s Berserker. He has an insane amount of health and can tear through anything. Joker is more of a ranged character with various gadgets or weapons. Players who control thugs will have to be very aware of their surroundings, as focusing too much on Batman and Robin can get them killed by the opposing team, while forgetting about the dynamic duo to purely focus on the other thug team can get them taken out.

It sounds like an interesting take on conventional multiplayer, though we will have to wait till later this year to see if it plays as well as it sounds.

Fans of Jump Superstars and Ultimate Stars Rejoice!

29 07 2013


Fans of the DS games Jump Superstars and Jump Ultimate Stars have a reason to be excited as a new team based anime crossover is coming to PS3 and Vita called J-Stars Victory VS. Currently there is no word on a Western release, but if you own either system they are both region free. Scared of all those Japanese symbols? NONSENSE! It’s a fighting game! Words are unnecessary!

Ubisoft Gives Us 13 Minutes of Impressive Assassin’s Creed Gameplay

24 07 2013


I have said it plenty of times that I have not been terribly impressed by the Assassin’s Creed series. I liked the first game (though it was a bit repetitive) and the second effort was well done but it just never kept my attention. I thought a 4th installment being announced less than a year after the 3rd may look to be a rush job but based on the above video is seems to me that Black Flag may just be the full vision of what they planned for Assassin’s Creed IV. A huge area is the Caribbean with seamless gameplay allowing you to jump from on foot to ship battles without seeing a load screen. Ship combat to full on boarding and assassinating targets (all of this for one mission mind you) all made the game feel huge in scope.

I am not 100% sold, but Black Flag, you now have my attention

SDCC: Arrow Season 2 Trailer

20 07 2013

Arrow season 2 trailer has arrived

SDCC: Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer

19 07 2013

Today at Comic-Com AMC released a 4 minute trailer of the next season of The Walking Dead set to return October 13.

SDCC: Extended Riddick Trailer

19 07 2013

In the era of extended trailers at the Riddick Panel they showed off a longer trailer for “Riddick” starring in Diesel, Karl Urban, Dave Bautista, and Katee Sackhoff. Set to be released September 6.

SDCC: Extended Trailer for Kick Ass 2

19 07 2013

Set to be released a month from now Kick Ass 2. Today at Comic-Con Universal and Red Band trailers released and 4.5 minute trailer of the movie. Got to say I’m pretty stoked for it.

SDCC: Stryder Returns

19 07 2013

At Comic-Con yesterday Capcom made the official announcement for the return of Stryder to consoles. The game will be developed by Double Helix, the company currently working on Killer Instinct for XBOX One as well as a long history of licensed film games (yikes!). Despite the reputation it looks like they are staying faithful to Stryder’s roots of 2d combat, but updating it with 3D graphics (so… 2.5D?). From the gameplay above the title looks to have a fast and hectic pace with flashy combat. Now we just need to know if it plays as well as it looks.

The game will hit all current and next gen consoles in 2014


Update: Here’s that gameplay trailer also shown at SDCC -Tim


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