Fantasy Movie League Week 33

15 12 2013

1. 1.21 GigaWATTS: 221 points (Insidious Chapter 2 (Done), Don Jon (Done), Gravity (Done), Carrie (Done), Hunger Games: Catching Fire)
2. Madea Saves Arbor Day: 218 points (Monsters University (Done), The Heat (Done), Planes (Done), Ender’s Game (Done), Frozen)
3. Wumbo: 205 points (FINAL TOTAL)
4. Team Zigglypuff: 192 points (FINAL TOTAL)
5. C*nt P*nt: 181 points (FINAL TOTAL)
6. Son of Fizbitch: 166 points (FINAL TOTAL)
7. The Left Testicle: 161 points (FINAL TOTAL)
8. The Head Writer of Impact: 125 points (FINAL TOTAL)

Things are getting intense as two teams are fighting for the top spot hear near the end of the season. Frozen maintains a small drop and helps Madea Saves Arbor Day close the gap to only 3 points. It’s quite an interesting development that a Madea movie helps a. Madea team as A Madea Christmas does enough to move Hunger Games: Catching Fire down to 4th place. This coming weekend will be Hunger Games last as 1.21 GigaWATTS is hoping the film can make a good last stand in holding Madea Saves Arbor Day at bay. Frozen will get one unchallenged weekend and it will hope to move its team up the ranks. It’s going to be a wild last two weeks.

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Helmick Reviews: The Long Ranger (2013)

10 07 2013

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Helmick Reviews: Scary Movie V

14 04 2013

Scary Movie V

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Chinlock 01/13/13

13 01 2013

Chinlock Logo 2012

We return this week to discuss the first shows of 2013 as well as address TNA Genesis

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Assassin’s Creed Next Installment Could Head to Brazil

10 12 2012




Straight from a translated interview from Brazilian Tech site TechTudo Ubisoft Brazil’s managing director may have let the cat out of the bag for next year’s Assassin’s Creed. Bertrand Chaverot told the blog the next installment will take place in Brazil and translation was confirmed by GameSpot. At this point however no one knows if this game is going to be the next main installment or a possible handheld spin off. Also there is speculation whether the whole game would be based in Brazil, or just partially like how AC III had an early mission in a Brazilian train station.

The Wii U Is Almost Here! What Will Be Out On November 18th?

12 11 2012

We are less than a week away from Nintendo’s next console hitting the market. Since it’s initial announcement the system has had a lot of question marks and the real push for the console didn’t start until the day they finally announces launch dates and pricing. Just about every retailer is out of stock on these consoles, with the basic edition being the only one you can find to Pre-Order at out of the box locations. For those of you already locking up a system, or planning to go out and try to secure one from a store NOT doing pre orders, here what will be out along with my own recommendations for games and accessories.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) Review

5 10 2012

This past weekend the heroes in the half shell returned to airwaves in a new cartoon for Nickelodeon. Since it’s artwork first debuted and discussions of the show hit the net lots of people were concerned. Are those concerns justified, or are the Turtles back?

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Hey! It’s Our Summer Movie Spectularama Extravaganza Esquire!

28 09 2012


OK Kids as promised here is the Summer Movie special we put together giving you the facts on who soared and who bombed this summer at the box office! Join Smitty, Howard, Helmick, Brett, Mat, and Leann as they discuss their favorites, rip on Battleship, and display their prowess as Dentists.


Gaming in 2012: A Look Back

6 08 2012

So we are a month into the second half of 2012 and the gaming industry is ramping up for a big 2nd half with games like Transformer: Fall of Cybertron, Borderlands 2, Assassin’s Creed III and the launch of the Wii U. Before we get too deep in those games I think it’s only appropriate to take a look back and see what came out of the first half of 2012. There were certainly mega blockbuster titles, some nice surprises, and a few duds even. So lets take a quick refresher course on what all we encountered earlier this year.

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Hot Toys Reveals Hot New Figure: Black Widow!

18 06 2012

Hit the jump to check out pics of the latest Avenger-turned action figure, Black Widow. I bet there are some people who are wondering if they’ve molded all of her… assests… accurately. Like all of the other Hot Toys Avengers releases, the figure comes with a load of hands and weapons!

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